Morisoli Vineyard, Rutherford, Napa Valley

Morisoli Vineyard is situated along Niebaum Lane in Rutherford, California, just west of Highway 29. This contiguous, 53-acre vineyard sits at the base of Mt. St. John in alluvial soils that have slowly eroded from the Mayacamas Mountain range. These well-drained, gravelly bale-clay and Pleasanton-loam soils yield wines of great complexity, firm tannins, and abundant fruit flavors.

This small patch of land became home to the 1st generation of Morisolis in 1902 when Lodovina and Rocco Morisoli came to Napa Valley to start a family. Lodovina and Rocco, both first-generation Italian-Swiss immigrants, began farming in the vineyards on the W. Kreckler Tract to purchase their own farmhouse and vineyard. During that same time, their son Plinio (Gary’s grandfather) was born.

In 1910, Rocco mysteriously disappeared without a trace, leaving Lodovina to take care of the ranch alone. It was through Lodoniva and her son Plinio’s efforts that they were able to save the ranch and move forward. From this rich foundation of unfolding history, Gary and Chris Morisolis’ love and respect for this vineyard was formed.

Over the years, the Morisoli family’s fruit has garnered several Wine Spectator accolades. And, in 2018, when Chris Morisoli came home after 12 years of service as a MEDEVAC Army Pilot, he decided to start the family’s first wine label, Morisoli Wines.

For vineyards such as these, contracts seldom become available. So, imagine the frantic excitement when Bob blurted out that we were getting some Morisoli Vineyard Zinfandel. Thank you, Chris and Gary, for allowing Biale the opportunity to craft such a unique Zinfandel from your highly sought after and historic vineyard.