Embracing Sustainability at the Vineyard

The EV two-car charging station at Biale Vineyards

A Greener Future Through Innovation

At Robert Biale Vineyards, we are not just dedicated to preserving heritage zinfandel and petite sirah; we are equally committed to environmental stewardship. In alignment with Earth Day, we are excited to share the significant strides we have made in sustainable practices with the installation of our new solar power and electric vehicle (EV) charging system.

Solar Power: Lighting Up Our Winery

The Biale journey toward sustainability took a major leap forward with the installation of a state-of-the-art solar array at the end of 2021, when we equipped the roof of our winery and crush pad with a sleek and highly efficient 300+ panel solar array. On the heels of this installation, we looked for additional areas around the property where we could increase sustainability.

Aerial view of Biale winery with solar panels with vineyards and mountains in background
The EV two-car charging station at Biale Vineyards

Driving Forward: EV Charging Station

In an exciting development for both our team and visitors, we have installed a new two-car EV charging station. Equipped with the high-powered HCS-80 EV charger, our station offers “Level 2 Charging” that can power up an EV up to 12 times faster than standard chargers. The station also features intuitive LED lights to display the charging status, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all.

Power Storage: Tesla Powerwall

Building on our commitment to sustainability demonstrated by the recent addition of a high-capacity EV charging station, we have enhanced our energy infrastructure with the installation of four Tesla Powerwall batteries. These batteries have a total usable capacity of 54kWh which will power our new EV stations, original winery house and two of our vineyard pumps. This system also supports our commitment to continuous operations, regardless of external power uncertainties.

Grid Contributions: A Sustainable Cycle

While we are not completely off-grid, our new systems allow us to feed excess power back into the grid. This practice not only contributes to the wider use of renewable energy but also reduces our overall carbon footprint. By channeling unused power from our operations, we support the community and lead by example in the shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

A Toast to Sustainable Winemaking

This Earth Day, we celebrate more than just our dedication to preservation of historic vineyards and heritage wines. We are proud to introduce these significant enhancements to our winery’s sustainability profile. Our solar panels, new Tesla Powerwall, and EV charging stations are more than just upgrades—they are a testament to our commitment to the planet and our future. Here’s to many more years of sustainable winemaking.