Greco Bianco: A Nod to Our Italian Heritage

Robert Biale Vineyards is known for preserving historical classics and staying true to our Italian roots. There is no finer example of this than with our Clementina Greco Bianco. Recently recognized as an official grape variety in the United States, our Greco Bianco is Estate grown on our Oak Knoll property. One sip of this vibrant white wine will transport you to the beaches of Campania, in southern Italy.

Greco Bianco grape clusters on the vine

The History of Greco di Tufo

Hailing from the Greco di Tufo DOCG region, which includes the town of Tufo and seven other hillside communities, it is among the oldest varieties in Italy. It is thought that the grape variety was brought to Italy by the Greeks—hence its name Greco, which is Italian for Greek— more than 2,500 years ago.

Preservation of Greco

Following World War II, the Greco variety was on the verge of extinction due to wartime devastation of the land and migration of farmers to more urban centers. Thankfully, through the efforts of family winemakers and heritage winemaking projects, the grape variety has gone on to flourish.

New World Greco

Clementina Biale’s Namesake

Clementina Biale Harvest Walnuts. The Matriarch of Robert Biale
Clementina Biale Harvesting Walnuts.

This wine is a tribute to Clementina Biale (1929-2017), wife of Aldo Biale and matriarch of the Biale Family. Born in the hills of Piemonte, Italy, Clementina was the first of nine children, where her life consisted of tending to her siblings, vineyard and farm duties, among many other household and family responsibilities. As a young teenager, she lived through World War II, but despite the many hardships and the very physically demanding work, Clementina always spoke with great fondness of the agrarian life and the joy of a large family.

The Clementina Greco Bianco is an ode to our matriarch and the special connection she enjoyed with her family and the land. As we have leaned on family who came before us to show us the way, so too do we look at Greco di Tufo to uncover the beauty of this special American white wine variety. Greco Bianco, arguably the American immigrant variety of Italy’s Greco di Tufo, has a coveted place in our hearts and is a fitting tribute to Clementina Biale.