Rebecca Tschauder, Wine Club Manager & Marketing Coordinator

Rebecca grew up in Connecticut surrounded by agricultural communities and was a member of the FFA during high school. She completed Post University in Connecticut with a Business Administration and Management degree. She was then off to Boulder, Colorado to experience a new landscape. After enjoying three years in Boulder as a Realtor, Rebecca’s now husband convinced her to move to Napa as he was starting a winemaking career. As you imagine, it was not too hard to convince her and she fell in love with the landscape and how the farming reminded her of growing up. Before making the move to Napa, she was introduced to the wine industry by working a harvest in Mendoza, Argentina with her husband as the enology assistant. Once in Napa, she worked for a small Cabernet wine brand in Calistoga where she wore many hats in all aspects of conducting tastings, marketing, and managing a wine club. With the desire to experience a larger team and wine brand, it was in 2017 when she came to work for Robert Biale Vineyards. Her enthusiasm for providing top notch customer service and a team player has made her an integral member.