May 15-22, 2022

A Luxurious 8 Day Wine Cruise with Biale!

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Uniworld, the cruise company that brought us to the Danube River, the Douro River, and around the Venetian Islands, is now providing an adventure that will transport us along the Rhône and Saône rivers through picturesque Provence and Southern France. 

Our travel agency partner, Food & Wine Trails, will once again be arranging exclusive excursions that include local wines and cuisine. This will be an unforgettable trip for wine and culinary gastronomes. Of course, Biale wines will be flowing daily on-board this all-inclusive cruise. It is like having your own exclusive “Hotel Biale” among the scenic waters of Southern France.

Food & Wine Trails will be handling all reservations. For more details, and to join the waitlist visit the itinerary web page at: https://www.foodandwinetrails.com/cruises/bialevineyards2022/
Food & Wine Trails: 1-800-367-5348
(This was originally planned for 2021, but the same itinerary has been postponed to 2022)