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2012 Black Chicken Zin
“Hey Aldo, when you come by on Friday, bring me a couple pounds of walnuts, some fruit and vegetables, two dozen eggs, and a black chicken.”
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2012 Pagani Ranch Zin
We are proud and honored to introduce a new Biale Zinfandel from one of the great historic vineyards in Sonoma Valley – and an American vineyard landmark: Pagani Ranch
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2012 Petite Sirah Dessert Wine
2012 was an outstanding vintage for Napa Valley Petite Sirah, and this "port" which is drinking beautifully will be a keeper for the ages.

Each vintage we produce a "Port" that is made using the classic Port method, the main difference being that it is from the Napa Valley and it is made using Petite Sirah - a grape that resembles the characteristics of the grapes that are used in traditional Portuguese Ports.
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2012 Aldos Vineyard Zin
For decades, Aldo, Christina, and the Biale family kept their Zinfandel tradition going by preserving and nurturing these nearly 80 year old vines in what is now Napa Valley’s Oak Knoll District. These are the oldest vines in Oak Knoll and are closeby to where Captain Osborne was the first to plant Zinfandel in Napa Valley in 1860.
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2012 Grande Vineyard Zin
Just east of the historic Silverado Trail near the town of Napa, lies an old Zinfandel vineyard that is one of our favorite historic family stories in Napa Valley.
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2012 Varozza Vineyard Zin
Napa Valley narrows in its middle, like an hourglass. In St. Helena, some of Napa Valley’s most historic vineyards lie right here. Varozza is one of those special sites. The St. Helena Viticultural Society became the first organization of grape growers in Napa Valley and little did they realize then that they had fostered a quality drive that would eventually make the valley recognized for top quality world-wide.
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2012 Old Kraft Vineyard
It’s a gratifying feeling knowing we helped to save a piece of Napa Valley vineyard history.
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2012 Palisades PS
This eastern side of Calistoga features the spectacular geological formation named the Palisades. These dramatic west-facing cliffs are composed of igneous rock and were formed from volcanic upheaval millennia ago. The geological formation stretches for over two miles and reaches elevations at over 3000 ft. It’s no wonder the farmland below is perfectly suited to wine grapes. An active creek bed, stones, gravel, and well-drained soil, not to mention extended sunlight, are ideal conditions for ripening grapes for red wines.
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2011 Thomann Station PS
There are still die-hard Petite Sirah growers around Napa Valley. We at Biale hate to see this once prominent grape that is so beautifully suited to the soils and climate of Napa Valley become forgotten. Glad to see it is making a strong comeback thanks to some enlightened winemakers.
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2013 Rosato
This is our second edition of Biale Rosato, a beautiful coral/ rosy-colored wine made from Syrah, Grenache, and Zinfandel from our sources in Napa Valley and the Sierra Foothills of El Dorado County.
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2012 Bedrock Vineyard Zin
We are excited to be releasing our first bottling from the iconic Bedrock Vineyard, truly one of the most historic vineyard properties in California.
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2012 Rocky Ridge Zin
Several top wineries including Biale source grapes from the Rockpile Vineyards and it has quickly risen to fame as one of the very best districts for making high quality Zinfandel.
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2012 Stagecoach Vineyard Zin
On the ridgeline above Oakville at 1200 ft. elevation, looking out over the entire Napa Valley lies the highly-respected and sought after Stagecoach Vineyards.
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2012 Founding Farmers Zin
Our Founding Farmers Zinfandel is a tribute to the earliest days of winemakers and their quest for the ideal conditions to make great wines.
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2012 Nonnas Sangiovese
The matriarch of the Biale family was Christina Biale (“Nonna”), mother of Aldo Biale and grandmother of Bob Biale. We all have Nonna to thank for her hard work, sacrifice, and determination that has made on to preserve the farm and vineyards and help raise Aldo and his wife Clementina’s family.
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2011 Basic Black
Basic Black is a winemaker’s composition of some of our best barrels, not because of a single source, but because they fit together beautifully according purely to taste in that particular vintage.
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2012 Royal Punishers PS
This 2012 Royal Punishers is a plush, pure, and tempting example of Napa Valley red wine at its highest level:
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2011 Old Crane Zin
Our final bottling from this historic vineyard in St Helena.
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